18 years old…..now what?


You take your 18 year old child to the oral surgeon to have their wisdom teeth pulled. The 18 year old has no health or dental insurance except what you, the parent, provide. Yet, the 18 year old is bond by law to sign all of the documents, including the ones that make them responsible …

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When choosing schools:


If money/resources weren’t a factor, would you choose public or private schools for your children to attend? This is totally a value system decision. As an adult, I can honestly say that while both venues have their challenges, I believe that I am better acclimated and comfortable in society because I attended a public school …

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Academic Success


Who and what is ultimately responsible for the academic success of your child?  YOU! Yes, you are ultimately responsible for the academic success of your child. Educators and schools are in place to facilitate and support the morals, values and work ethic that you, the parent(s) and guardian(s) have instilled in your child. Far too …

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Portable DVD Player, Cell Phone, Tablet


Do you believe children of all ages are over stimulated by electronic devices?  Absolutely! As a parent, I’ve seen first hand with my own children how electronic stimulation leads to what I believe is an addiction for children to keep something in their hands at all times. After observing my children’s need for these devices, …

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Youth Sports


At what age should parents allow children to participate in contact sports?  While I don’t think there is a specific age, I do believe that children should have great command of balance, eye hand coordination and endurance before engaging in contact sports. As a parent, I preferred to start with karate, swim and t-ball because …

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And the answer is?


I was visiting a friend recently. Through casual conversation, this friend told me that their child’s hand had been slapped in class for politely correcting the teacher on an answer to a test question. The teacher’s answer was clearly wrong and other students in the class quickly supported the student. Yes, the child’s hand was …

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Let the Blogging Begin


When does parenting begin?  For all practical purposes, let’s say parenting begins at birth. Just as parenting begins, so does child manipulation. Do you agree? Newborns sensory perception is immediate. I’ve read and believe that babies understand much sooner than they are able to verbally communicate. They learn our different voice inflections, tones and facial …

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